Jake’s Christmas Program

This past Wednesday,Jake’s preschool put on a little Christmas program. His class dressed up as angels, some were shepherds, and others were stars. We nearly ruined the morning by oversleeping (when does that ever happen in our house, right???)because we’d had a bad night with both boys. I guess it’s acceptable to sleep in until 8:30 if you’re up at 4! The program started at 9 so Seth hurried to get Jake ready and at school and I fed Drew and moved with lightning speed to get there in time!

Oops. We’ll go ahead and set our alarm for next year’s show. :)

We were so proud of how well he listened to his teachers and followed instructions. As you can imagine, this was near Broadway-calliber, so attention to detail was very necessary.

Herecomes Jake’s class walking down the aisle. He was supposed to wear a white shirt and the school provided the wings and halo.  Can you tell which kid refused to wear his wings and halo??

Here they are walking in. It was so cute.  We were sitting on the aisle and Seth was afraid Jake would get upset if he saw us.  But he passed us with our cameras and waved, came and gave me a hug, and got right back in line!  What a sweet boy.

They sat up front and rang bells to Carol of the Bells.  Look how good they’re all ringing! :)  He is sitting next to his “girlfriend” Reagan, of course!
Drew enjoyed watching his brother’s performance! In a couple years, they’ll both be doing it!  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though...

After each class sang a song, they all sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Everyone clapped afterward and Jake got a big kick out of it and started clapping and waving. What a ham.  They did such a great job!   We definitely didn’t expect Jake to do as well as he did (sorry, but it’s true).  I was afraid the crowds would scare him but he was an old pro.  

I am so proud of Jake because “Baby Jesus” is on his mind a lot these days!  I know he’s too young to possibly fathom the incredible sacrifice God made for us (I still can’t fathom it), but I hope Jesus remains in the forefront of his mind for the rest of his life.

We sang This Little Light of Mine in church this morning and even though it’s a well-known children’s song, it’s never been so applicable to me.  Sometimes our world can be so dark…a world full of hatred, greed, selfishness, human trafficking, stealing, abortion, starving children, and many other unimaginable things…yet God sent His one and ONLY son to die for US.  He thought we were worth it.  He wanted His light to shine in our world and I pray my boys learn to walk in that light daily!

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…

Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky…
Phillippians 2:15

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