July Craziness

I feel like we’ve done so much this month…it has flown by! Jake has been able to see tons of family and has loved every second of it.

First, Nana came to visit for a few days and he loved getting to see her again. She got to see just how opinionated and strong-willed he has become!! :)

See, look? We realized we forgot to put child locks on an important cabinet! I found him INSIDE sitting with the fryer and waffle maker. No, that’s not dust you see. That would be gross. It must just be the lighting in the room….. :)

Sharing some cheerios with Nana…he loved to sit with her

Someone learned the hard way that eating doesn’t come easy around here anymore. There’s always someone (or some dog) begging for a bite!

We pushed him around in the empty wipes box…Jake wasn’t impressed. Tough crowd!

Doing some work…

We had a great visit and can’t wait to see her again! She taught Jake a fun game of “chase” and he thinks it’s hysterical. Now we chase him around the house crawling, playing hide n’ seek, and yelling “boo!” and he cannot stop the giggles. Actually, I can’t stop MY giggles either :) Love this kid!

He has also learned to wave, clap, and shake his head “no” in the last couple weeks. We’re not sure if he knows what the head shake actually means but it’s so funny when he uses it in the right context. I’ll say, “Let’s take ONE more bite..” and he’ll shake his head “no”! Or I’ll tell him, “Jake, don’t touch that…” and he’ll shake his head “no” and grin. Kills me.

Jake will also walk all over the house now with our hand-holding assistance and I’m wondering if he’ll start standing on his own soon. He’s done it a couple times for a split second without realizing what’s going on and then just falls down to crawl. Stop growing up!

One thought on “July Craziness

  1. Tristin has been shaking his head no too..I laugh and laugh!! I’ve yet to get him to shake YES..One day..haha!!
    He stood by himself for a good 20 seconds and then realized what he was doing and then made a really odd face and fell to the ground. It was funny!! These boys!! We are going to have to put a rock on their heads!! I’m so glad we got to see each other the other day!

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