Just Call Me Professor Lame-O

So today was my first day in the classroom. A classroom full of of uneager, mad to be in summer school, “who is this teacher chick who looks like a student” bunch of kids.

Besides the first 5 minutes, it went great! But in the first 5 minutes, I introduced myself. And was about to talk about my hobbies and interests until I all of a sudden couldn’t remember any. So I just stood there ho-humming around and finally came up with “We like to read.”

Chirp chirp chirp.

Boy, nothing says super awesome like a teacher who says “My husband and I LOVE TO READ BOOKS!”

So then I decided to redeem myself by telling them I watched TV.

Even worse. A recluse who sits at home in front of the TV while reading.

Sometimes I just need a sign to pop out that says “Cut the word vomit!”

So I ended my shpiel by adding that I didn’t own an iPhone or have unlimited text messages, and I would not be their friends on Facebook.

Gasp. Horror. Shock.

“No iPhone??”

“She doesn’t text??”

I also had to ask a student how in the WORLD to make a slideshow out of my PowerPoint because guess what…the college uses Microsoft Office 2007 and I am only familiar with the 2003 version.


Jake had a fantastic time playing with friends today and didn’t even miss me. He has gotten super busy lately…I can’t get the kid to slow down! We’ve even seen some glimpses of army crawling so he is pretty much on the move. He was sent to bed with no milk (refused to eat)…a papercut on his chin (weirdly attracted to paper), and a mosquito bite on his forehead. At least he is in one piece, right?

3 thoughts on “Just Call Me Professor Lame-O

  1. Thank you for the laugh! My 85 year old grandfather started accounting classes this summer. I can just imagine you teaching a sprinkling of old folk in with the moody teenagers. :)

  2. So are you going to be one of those “cool” teachers who lets the kids bring donuts to school on ‘movie day’ and plays heads-up-7-up? :)

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