Just Trying to Provide for my Firstborn

Everyday I enter Graco’s “The Heart Knows” Sweepstakes. My chance to win a welcome home party package for baby Jake valued at $25,000!!!

I desperately need to win this contest, for obvious reasons.

I have over 50 entries (you can only enter once a day) and so far…nuthin’.

I’m still holding out though. Mostly because this includes a professional photographer/videographer to commemorate the event…$5,000 to start the baby’s college fund…hotel accomodations for our visitors…cash…baby gear…and more!

So imagine my heartbreak when I really read the rules. The sweepstakes is running from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010.


I mean, I guess we could always have a delayed welcome home celebration for Jake. But he’ll already be at least 6 months old before they get all the details ironed out…and Lord knows it will take the camera crews about 8 years to find our neighborhood since the cable company has a hard enough time with the directions.

I just don’t know if we can give our son the life he deserves without being able to offer him a party package from Graco!

Obviously you see my dilemma…and obviously you are sitting at your keyboard mourning with me right now.

And it’s not like the 100 degree temps are going to put me in a better mood about this.

Sorry Jake. I tried.

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