Labor Day Weekend

We decided to make a long overdue trip to San Antonio over Labor Day weekend. Jake has been doing a little better in the car so we worked up the nerve, loaded up the brood, and headed West!

One of the best parts of the trip…we woke up on Saturday morning to temperatures in the 60′s!

It was almost like we were on a vacation in the mountains! ALMOST being the key word.

Jake had a great time with his grandparents and even got to see Uncle Kyle and Aunt Emily. His Nana is a bit of a packrat sentimental and had saved MANY of our childhood toys. While they were so fun for Jake to play with, I can’t believe they’ve been in the attic for all these years!

We learned that batteries, lights, sounds, and action aren’t necessary to occupy a little boy after all…

What a little Mozart. I’m not sure I’d say his “songs” were music to my ears, but hey we’ll get there!

He loooved to stand up on this teeter totter.

As soon as he got on the horse, he reached down and pulled the cap off one of the legs. Slightly dangerous. We would bounce him up and down and he’d stay very serious and straight faced. But as soon as you stopped, he would start bouncing his head up and down like he wanted more!

Nicely petting the horse. Don’t y’all think he looks a little scary?

In heaven

We spent lots of time outside since the weather was nice. And of course Seth can’t resist a good tree…

Reminds me of another little monkey I know…

Playing with Nana

See? Always serious. You can get grins out of this kid but never when the camera’s around -agh!

Borrowing Grandpa’s Aggie hat. By Sunday, we were going on one nap a day (kiddo fights sleep when we’re out of town!) and he was exhausted. Jake rarely uses his paci outside of the crib, but it kept him content!

Nothing like a good book. He sat in Grandpa’s lap waaaaaay longer then he’s ever sat in any of ours! Very sweet.

Using Emily & Kyle as his jungle gym.

We had a nice visit and were sad to sad goodbye to our family and all the toys! I just wish it were a little shorter of a drive. Or that we had a private jet. If you have a fix to either, that’d be nice!

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