Life Lately

Well, I have been taking a lot of pictures…or so I thought. But then realized I already had about 1,000 pictures of Jake (no exaggeration) when he was about 2 weeks old.


Speaking of Jake, he’s been busy rocking his toys to sleep in our bassinet. (Well, the actual basket was in the other room with the baby in it…but that didn’t stop this guy!)

Sweet sleeping boy!

It’s getting easier to get pictures with his eyes open! It seems that Drew slept through his first week of life and is now finally waking up to the world.

Jake likes to check on his little brother

Drew was glad to visit with his Aunt Susan and Paula last week! He also told me he’d like either of them to get him another friend pretty soon…

Things have still been going well over here! I admit, it’s a ton easier when people are bringing you meals and the baby still sleeps a lot. Now granted, there hasn’t been a ton of house cleaning or blogging (you don’t have to remind me) going on, but we are enjoying spending time with Drew and making memories with Jake!

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