Losing My Mind

I feel like all I do these days is make lists. Lists of things I need. Lists of things to do. Lists to find those other lists I’ve already made.

Clearly, I’m going crazy.

As an example, do you know how many pieces of paper around our house and my office probably say things like:

-oil change
-confirm _____ (this could be any number of things)
-grocery shopping
-call Seth
-returns to BRU
-find list of things I need
-remember why I need to call Seth
-wait, don’t buy batteries

and the like.

I am being so redundant it’s not even funny. I have filled out my maternity leave form at work probably 6 times. But I keep having to re-do it because I can’t, for the life of me, find the last one I did.

I literally have to write things down as soon as I think about them or else all hope is lost. I’m even having to go through my email making sure I’ve replied to things (and replied to them correctly) and haven’t let things slip by. For the first time in my life, I’m unsure of whether I’ve turned off my flat iron or the stove or fed the dogs or even have the right day of the week.

This is killing me…Mary, Queen of the Impeccable Memory.

The one thing I’m really really good at is failing me now too.


…maybe I should write a blog about making lists…I don’t think I’ve done that yet…


3 thoughts on “Losing My Mind

  1. You crack me up :) There is NOTHING wrong with making lists…they are GREAT! There is something wrong, however, with making lists to remind yourself to find your list. Hopefully you will get your super-power memory back soon!

  2. i agree with you about letting things slip that i normally wouldn’t, but having an item on a list to find your other list or to remember why you need to call your hubs..maybe that will come later :)

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