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La Grange weddings. What…can…I…say? They are QUITE the experience. Especially for those naive, innocent folk who think cake & punch is as wild as it gets. Oh, I kid. Sorta. We headed to Brenham this weekend (but they were FROM La Grange so it still counts) for Ashley & Josh’s wedding. Seth & Josh have been friends since they were itty-bitty and we got to know Ashley pretty well in college. She cut my hair during the time at A&M, did my makeup and hair at MY wedding, and is a barrel of laughs.

I uploaded a bunch of pictures (for some reason I took 77?!?! I must’ve gone snapshot crazy) and did my best to keep them in order…

Look at these centerpieces! And boy were they heavy. The flowers were gorgeous.

Ashley’s cake

Josh’s Aggie Ring Cake! We finally got to see one in person. It really hurt to see them cut it all up.

Groomsmen and ushers before the wedding. They thought they looked pretty good.

Brittany and me! Without her, I would’ve never met my husband. So THANK GOODNESS for this girl :)

Me and Lindsey

Me and Cari

Brittany and the Lone Ranger

Mike, you’re SUCH a cowboy!

Me and the bride. Yes, I know you are gasping in horror. I realize my hair IS nappy. Never fear, haircut on Thursday. (And for you long-time followers of the blog, let’s hope we don’t have the haircut drama we did back in January…)

Seth with the Sulik’s


Time for the garter! Big Dave loooovin’ his position as co-best man…

Anderle brothers…one of them up to no good.

My point exactly.
Seth and I truly felt like old folk once the dancing started. Um…we didn’t know any of the new “cool” dancing songs. Something like the Cupid Slide?? (stop laughing Rachel)

Like father, like son

Ali & Avery…Seth’s cousins are growing up too fast!

Oh, a good time was had by all. And we are WIPED. Looks like my “allergies” from last week (yeah, still don’t believe the doctor) were contagious and now Seth is under the weather. Maggie is wiped from her weekend with Dixie and I am ready for bed. At 9pm. Yeah…you don’t have to tell me how FUN we are!

We have a busy week ahead of us…both at and outside of work (blech)…and sometime in there we have to pack for our Hawaiian getaway! Hopefully Paula will post the packing spreadsheet she created this weekend for all to see. It’s quite a sight and puts me to shame. That girl has planned her Hawaiian outfits, down to the T, on an hour-by-hour basis. Props to you, P! :)

2 thoughts on “Lots o’ pics

  1. if i had a completely up-to-date inventory of the anderle wardrobes, i could make a packing list for you too!

    the wedding looked like fun! the pics of chase crack me up :) and the ring cake…holy cow! that’s amazing!

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