Lots o’ Snapshots

Three cheers for the Erbeles’ who are housing us poor power-less souls until necessary! I have my computer up and running tonight and wanted to share some pictures of the last week’s events.

Here are some pictures I took around our neighborhood the day after Ike hit.

Luckily the poor bush was the only thing to take a hit at our house

The Woodlands finally got some power on Wednesday – and we got to go out to eat! PB&J can get old after a few days. Here’s sweet Macie opening the door for guests at Guadalajara.

Thanks to Miss Chloe for letting me steal her internet and power one day also!

Finally, on Saturday we headed to College Station to cheer on the Ags as they took on Miami. Let the record show that neither of us had high hopes for a win…but ya know, what can you do? We tried to have fun anyway and enjoy the beautiful (hot) weather, friends, & family.
Seth & Chase playing washers at the tailgate

The pride of Aggieland!

The A&M Prairie View band jammed out at halftime also

Paula and I found better entertainment at the MSC during the last quarter :)

FINALLY. All caught up. See what a week without blogging can do to a girl??

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