Lunchtime Soiree

Today I took a quick field trip to Market Street. More specifically, Borders bookstore. Oh how I LOVE bookstores! The smell of fresh books, the inviting aroma of coffee brewing, the hundreds of thousands pages just waiting to be turned…

What isn’t there to like???

I made the quick stop to get Seth a study book for the…dum de dum dum…GMAT. Yes, he is taking the plunge and going back to school. You know, for purposes of furthering his career and making lots of money so I can be a SAHM and hang out on Market Street all day instead of just having to wait until lunch.

(We haven’t completely discussed that part of the plan so do me a favor and don’t really mention it to him…I want it to be a surprise!)

He has absolutely no business pre-reqs from college since he took all those boring engineering classes so instead of the standard 36 hours MBA program, he will have 60 hours to look forward to! Yea! According to his calculations, he’ll probably finish up sometime in 2011 if he starts this summer. Um yeah. I can see it now. Ragged Mary sitting at home with Jake running rampant around the living room, throwing his toys, wanting to see his daddy, while the next Anderle-to-be is kicking her mommy’s womb and making mommy want to vomit. All the while, Seth is sitting in a classroom, listening fervently, and soaking up all that business information.

Ah…just kidding. I do think it’s funny to joke with him about that though.

Thankfully, Halliburton is footing the bill. This is how it went down:

Mary: Look here, HALLIBURTON. I want you to pay COLD HARD CASH for my husband’s MBA. I don’t care what it takes. I don’t care how many additional wells you have to drill. Just MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Dave Lesar, CEO: Um, you are so scary, Mrs. Anderle. I totally agree. We will 100% pay for Seth’s continuing education as long as he passes all his courses.

Mary: Well, GOOD! That’s right. Because we are going to Hawaii and I eventually need a new car and I would like some new bedroom furniture that is not missing pieces because my dog chewed it up!

Dave Lesar, CEO: I will throw in an extra $100,000 just for good measure. And give your husband a 110% raise. Will that work?

Mary: That’s what I’m talking about.

And that’s how it happens, folks.

Of course I didn’t walk out the door of Borders with only a GMAT book! Don’t be silly! I also bought myself a new Bible. I know what you’re saying…don’t you have like 5 or 6? (Oh wait, that’s what Seth said) But this one is DIFFERENT. It is the Bible in chronological order! It still has all the verse references but just makes it easier to put into perspective so you can make your own little timeline. I love perspective and can always use more.

This year has been a good year of reading…and it’s barely even March! Here’s my 2008 reading list, and so far all are recommended:

Playing for Pizza: John Grisham
Baby Proof: Emily Giffin
Eat Pray Love: Elizabeth Gilbert
Second Chance: Jane Green

Oh yeah…my bike ride. It was b-e-a-utiful outside! I hopped all sorts of hills for approximately 37 miles in less than 3 hours! Yesterday I felt great! I felt energized! I was on top of the world! Today, I can’t feel my legs. I did take a couple of pictures but I’ll have to add those when I get home. On Saturday, I ride 50 miles in and around Bastrop State Park. Last year this one was a killer. So wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Soiree

  1. Ok so I was just thinking the other day that it would make so much more sense for the bible to be in chronological order!!!! This is uncanny! I think we are siamese twins, or at least regular ole twins separated at birth!!!

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