Maggie & Tucker the Cow Dogs

Meet Pearl & Penny:

Well, it’s kinda hard to see them, but yes they are the Anderle’s pet calves. I’m not sure my in-laws consider them pets (ok, I know they don’t) but they have names, therefore we’ll have them be dear family pets for now. Because named calves will never go to the slaughter right?


Maggie & Tucker spent a good portion of the weekend barking at the two of them. Not so much as a moo back from either cow. Did you also know cows don’t like to be pet? I managed to learn this the hard way.

Anyway. We went to celebrate at our cousin Ali’s high school graduation party this weekend and safely made it without melting. It was close though. The 185 degree temps sorta suck the energy out of you. This is about the part of summer where I start saying, “Yes, winter IS my favorite season of the year!”

At least it’s a fantastic excuse to stay inside and eat ice cream.

As you can see, the dogs were WORN out after all the cow herding. I thought this picture was precious. They slept like this on the way home. And you KNOW Maggie was tired because she would’ve never let Tucker do this otherwise. Isn’t it sweet? They love each other!

So glad this is a short week!! I plan on relaxing…finding decorations for Jake’s room…and maybe catching up on some movies. Sounds good to me.

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