Magic Chair

Let me just tell you about a little something I like to call…

I know it doesn’t look like much, but this inclined chair is awesome! Our wonderful neighbors let us borrow this for Drew when he started having trouble with reflux. It doesn’t vibrate, play music, or have any fancy bells and whistles but for some reason he sleeps great in this. We went out of town this weekend and I was so nervous how he would sleep without his swing.

Magic chair, I will never doubt you again.

In fact, he’s taking his 2nd nap of the day in it right now and so far so good. Which is great news considering that baby swing looks a little obnoxious in my dining room.

And Fisher Price, if you’re reading this (which, let’s be serious, you probably are), you’re welcome and I will gladly accept a $500 giftcard in return for promoting this product.

The end.

2 thoughts on “Magic Chair

  1. I’ve heard SO MANY good things about the Rock’n’play for reflux babies. I should have told you about it! We didn’t have to use one ourselves, but I know it’s a lifesaver for some.

    GO DREW GO! I MEAN… sshh, sleep drew sleep

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