Maybe It’s About Time to Take Down the Christmas Wreath…

You think Christmas is a thing of the past? Don’t worry, we’re still celebrating over here!!

This past weekend, Nana, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Michael, Nanny, and Papa all came to visit! We were so lucky to spend time with everyone all at once.

Seth, Me, Nanny, Rachel, Papa, Nana
(not pictured: Jake (taking a nap), Michael (behind the camera)

Jake loved playing with Nanny and Papa. Papa makes much better truck noises than his mama does.

Please open this bag of peanuts, Papa!!

Love this!

Jake is so proud of his new vacuum cleaner. We are all tired of hearing the song it plays. But at least our floor is clean…

Michael learned the pressures of putting together a kid’s toy STAT!

Checking out what Nana brought

Jake is a lucky kiddo with the biggest fan club I’ve ever seen! We just wish the rest of the family could’ve joined us. It’s hard to believe there will be two rugrats opening gifts next year!

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