Mexico Vacation – Part 2

If you were worried, I never ended up in a Mexican hospital.  Mostly because I knew nobody would come visit me. :)

Kim, me, and Jessie at dinner.  I think this was from the first night and I left shortly after to go to bed. Ha.

If you’re starting to wonder what we did besides lay out and eat, the answer is nothing.  My kind of vacation!

Except for bungee trampolining of course.  The resort had lots of activities each day and I think I was the most excited about this.

Until I actually did it.

At this point I was half-crying, half-laughing for them to let me down!  I hated it.  Apparently I am afraid of heights.

Seth was a lot braver than me

Too high for me!
We also learned that it was neither practical nor easy for a drum major, 2 former marching band members, a cheerleader, a StuCo president, and frankly I can’t remember what you did, Sheila (but I’m sure it was good) to build a pyramid in the ocean.
It also didn’t help that the waves kept knocking us down.  I’m pretty sure most of the beach patrons had their cameras out at this point.

Georgia, Kim, and me.  I think I felt a little better on this day.

Love these girls!
Unfortunately none of our husbands wanted to pose in the waves with us.

More pictures of the resort

Ah.  I know I’ve probably lost most of you by now seeing as nobody has the attention span for my long posts.  You’ll be regretting this someday when I write my memoirs.
In summary…fun times!  We are so so grateful to our parents for watching the boys while we were gone so that this could be possible!!  They had a blast and were exhausted.  We missed our babies so much, it almost killed me though!  I don’t think I’ll be able to leave them that long again anytime soon.  I guess it’s a good thing to love your job ;)

2 thoughts on “Mexico Vacation – Part 2

  1. I wish they just gave the option to “like” blog posts. I don’t really have a comment, I just “like” that you were able to get away for some adult time. This gives me hope that sometime in the very distant future, Chris and I will be able to leave Emily for a few days for some time alone. :)

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