Move Outta the Way!

I am about to tell you about the most stressful, exciting, and fulfilling successful day of my life. What you’re about to read is a true story. No exaggerations. No lies.

Every year our church hosts their annual children’s consignment sale to raise money for charity. It is open to the public and usually contains highly sought after items at garage sale prices. Some things are brand new. Some are way too used. All of them Jake needed.

Together, with some close friends, we came up with a strategy. After volunteering on Wednesday morning, getting just a glimpse of all we’d see at the sale (which began Thursday night), the wheels were turning, blood pressures were running high, and it was clear we needed an intense game plan.

I could hardly sleep on Wednesday night in the anticipation. Volunteers and sellers get to shop before the public so we were already planning on what time we would arrive to wait in line. Because at this point, several things were evident:

1) There was an adorable peacoat that Jake HAD to have
2) There was a precious tool bench that Blake, Jack, and Jake HAD to have
3) There was a wagon that Jake NEEDED
4) There was a Britax carseat priced at DIRT that was absolutely NECESSARY
5) There was a 4 ft tall dollhouse that Macie COULDN’T live without

Shall I go on?

We split up so that we could maximize our shopping (everything was split up in different rooms) and BEAT THOSE OTHER WOMEN to the prizes. Because, my friend, if you think this was a nice, calm, church-going shopping spree…

You are way wrong.

This particular scene just kept coming to mind:

I’m almost embarassed to say that a whistle would’ve been super handy.

When the doors opened, Kim took off running to get the toolbenches and wagon, I ran to get us an extra carseat, and Georgia snagged the dollhouse.


Check out, load up the car, run back in for more.


Repeat again.

My friends. To say I was successful is an understatement. I can’t even begin to list everything I got on here at ridiculously cheap prices, but Jake’s birthday and Christmas are more than covered. Along with adorable outfits and toys for his friends Noah and Christian.

I’m a little relieved I didn’t go to the sale last year, because I was 34 weeks pregnant and I’m almost positive it would’ve put me into labor.

Also, when I got home last night, I just had to lay on the floor for awhile because I was so sore. Go ahead, laugh it up. But sorting clothes on Wednesday morning, and running around with carseats, wagons, trucks, toys, tools, clothes, and the like on Thursday were not good for the ol’ back. I don’t think I was that sore after I gave birth.

I guess carrying around a 17.5 lb child isn’t as labor intensive as I thought it was…

(I’m secretly laughing and embarassed inside but this is the worst possible way to lead into my next post about a new book I want to encourage you all to read. Coming soon!)

3 thoughts on “Move Outta the Way!

  1. I’m still replaying scenarios of where I should have run first, what I didn’t get, what I’m so glad I grabbed, and already wishing that I would be here next year to join in the fun again. I think besides Christmas, it’s my favorite day of the year. Not kidding.

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