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Talk about a jam-packed weekend! We started off on Friday night going to the Counting Crows/Maroon 5 concert at the Pavillion. They were awesome! Counting Crows may have had their day but they still sing Mr. Jones as good as always. :) Maroon 5 wasn’t bad either…I must admit, this is probably the first non-country concert we’ve been to in a loooong time. But I figure, we’re almost 25…we should probably branch out, right?

LJ, Jennifer, Mike, Me, Georgia, Kim
Thank you guy in the background for bending down in the back of our picture
Kim & Garrett
Matt & Georgia
We totally fit in with all the teeny boppers there!

On Saturday night we had an “end of summer celebration” of sorts and pigged out at Taste of Texas! I’m still full. It was soooooooooooooo good…from the popcorn while we were waiting for our table…to the unlimited salad bar….to the cheese wedges…awesome bread…fantastic steaks…dessert…cinammon coffee and more!

Kinda sickening, isn’t it?

Sickening enough that I couldn’t eat more than a bagel and some yogurt on Sunday. We were MISERABLE. But for TOT…it was definitely worth it!

Then on Sunday, the dogs had a little fun. Fun for them, at least. They were making all sorts of banging and crashing noises outside Sunday morning while we were delaying waking up. Seth finally walked out to see what the ruckus was and came across this:

Oh, our sweet precious little dogs has busted a board in the fence and Tucker was…wait for it…playing in our neighbor’s backyard with the lab puppy they had over there. FANTASTIC. I mean, I know it was all in the name of fun (and possibly love) but what a pain. Luckily Seth was able to nail the flapping board back in after church.
Maggie was trying to place the blame ALL on her brother. She was probably mad that he was back at the house. Tucker got “neutralized” (as Dabney would call it) on Friday morning and got to stay the night at the vet for his recovery. Maggie MILKED it. She loved the one-on-one attention and probably thought her brother had been shipped off to boarding school. Wrong. Oh well. It was weird having only one dog again! Maybe slightly more sane in the house, but that’s besides the point.

I am NEARLY finished with the Twilight Saga and am so sad to finish the series this week! I’m telling ya – these are books you NEED to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stephenie Meyer is just fabulous and by the end of it, she’ll have you wishing you were a vampire too! I fell asleep reading on the couch Sunday afternoon and woke up to find Maggie thoroughly enjoying her Sunday nap…

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