My Little Sister’s Wedding

Hm. Except she’s not so little anymore. Why does this growing up thing happen so darn fast?!

You will possibly get picture overload reading this post. And these just barely skim the surface. But I think this event needs to be documented pretty thoroughly.

Setting up the reception area on Friday night. It took all 3 of us (me, Papa, & Dad) to get the cake table ready. Mostly because Papa wouldn’t stop eating the candy.

Thank you Ashley for making our hair look soo good!
The bride getting ready for her big day. She was strangely calm. Unlike this older sister she has.

A view from the balcony of where the ceremony was held. It was gorgeous! We were at the Hotel Alsace in Castroville, TX.

Don’t worry, these people weren’t still swimming during the ceremony. My mother might have shot them.

Yummy wedding cake

Cake and candy table. There was definitely lots of orange at this wedding!

James, Arinn, April, & Aunt Sandy
Cynthia and Little Caleb (not so little anymore!)
Dana insisted of taking lots of pics of my belly throughout the night. My head apparently was not important. We were all glad the wedding was this past weekend because that dress was a tad snug…
Dad introducing Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Kyle & Emily ready to eat!
Have you ever had pizza at a wedding reception? Me neither! Emily has had an ongoing love affair with pizza for as long as I can remember. It is not uncommon for her to take down an entire Little Caesar’s cheese pizza solo. How she stays so tiny we’ll never know. But dinner was actually VERY good and I started wondering why we don’t have pizza at receptions more often!
Michael & Rachel (even littler sister)
Me & the bride

Have so much fun in Jamaica! The wedding was beautiful and Kyle, we’re so glad to have you join our family!

7 thoughts on “My Little Sister’s Wedding

  1. that hotel looked beautiful! and so did the bride! i find it hard to believe that she is old enough to be married…

    and your little baby bump is so cute in that dress…i wish dana hadn’t cut your head off :)

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