There are several current fashion trends that I’m NOT OK WITH. I don’t understand what’s happening. Did someone put me in a time machine when I wasn’t looking??

I saw a little girl at the nail salon last weekend and I could’ve sworn she borrowed an outfit I wore back in the 80′s. You know what I’m talking about. Off the shoulder teal shirt…short black skirt…zebra leggings…converse…side ponytail? And she was sporting some major pink blush.

I’ve let a lot of things slide so far. Obviously, as it’s taken me 5 years to jump on the tall boots train! I even tried on some skinny jeans last weekend. Never mind that I could barely take them back off. But I’m trying to accomodate.

But this has really put me over the edge:

(I am formulating a letter in my mind to Old Navy as we speak.)

And just in case you’re one of the psychos who just said “Oh, that is CUTE!”, the only acceptable place to wear that jumpsuit is NOWHERE.

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