Not a Good Kind of Grub…

I think it’s safe to say we’re finally onto PHASE TWO of our big backyard project. If you remember, we had some extra slab laid about a month ago. Lord knows how many “phases” there will be of this project…I’m thinking somewhere in the ballpark of 14 or 15!!

We’ve picked out slate that we’re (Seth) going to put on the patio to make it somewhat more presentable and then we can finally move the grill out there and heck maybe I’ll even get a little firepit or something. Really, the sky’s the limit. We have so much LAND.

Note: I am a slighly sarcastic individual.

So after church we begin the backbreaking work of tilling up the soil to attempt to lay some more grass. We found many treasures such as concrete, large nails, clay, big sticks, coke cans (thanks builders of our house, you guys did a stand-up job cleaning up outside!) and…grub worms??

I ran inside to google grub worms (i.e. take a break) and suddenly everything made sense. I KNEW there was no way the dogs could have completely ruined all the grass in our backyard! I mean yes, they are responsible for quite a bit of damage, but this was over the top. And lo and behold, we have a reason for our mudpit. Those darn worms eat up the roots of the grass until it dies. And after further research into “pictures of grum worm damage” I found several replicas of our backyard online. After another trip to Lowe’s, our backyard is now marinating in some highly toxic 24 hour grub worm killer.

Maybe I’ll have some grass one day after all!

Warning. I am about to share some pictures I probably shouldn’t. But now that I can blame the damage on grub worms instead of my poor ability to discipline my dogs, I think it’s semi-acceptable. And really serves as a warning to all of you…be on the lookout for those little rascals!
We took turns with this thingamijigy. I was obviously on break. As I was a lot this afternoon…
See? Told ya it was bad. Just imagine it on a wet day outside…

Seth must’ve gotten bored while I went to Lowe’s. That can be the only thing to explain this bridge of bricks??

Our poor poor backyard.

I also think it’s time for me to retire from yard work…

I cannot believe it’s Sunday night already. I cannot believe we have to go to work in the morning. Blech!

One thought on “Not a Good Kind of Grub…

  1. And the next worse part is that grub worms turn into June Bugs….ICK!!! My husband has versed me on all his grub worm knowlege, and it just makes me cringe. I HATE June Bugs!!

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