Ode to Seth

Shame on me…I completely forgot about Friday’s Ode! The person I’ve chosen is MOST deserving this week (ok, and probably every week if we’re honest with each other) and is probably the luckiest guy I know!

Ode to Seth
Seth my love, my heart, my friend,
You stick with me through thick and thin.
You laugh at my jokes, funny or not,
You like to get to church on time, on the DOT.
I might drive you crazy a time or two,
Good thing I’m not needy (from me to you).
You sometimes watch my TV shows, even if girly
And make me get to football games really early.
You can cook, clean, and mow the lawn,
You try to keep me awake when I yawn (which is a lot).
You are my best friend and I trust you with my life,
I am so blessed and lucky to be your wife!!!
Love you!

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