Oh Baby Baby!

Today at lunch a couple girls from work and I went to visit Erica (friend from work/church) and her new baby girl, Caroline Grace. Honestly, the last time I went to a hospital to see a new baby might have been when my sister Rachel was born in 1989. My how the times have changed! Thank goodness for the upgrade in hospital rooms. Memorial Hermann has a nice little set up, complete with rocking chairs, wood paneling, and a nice armoire for the TV. St. Luke’s is rumored to be even nicer. I KNEW there was a reason we moved up here! She was just precious, as all little babies are. (Well, the ones that don’t cry are precious) Don’t get any bright ideas. Labor stories I’ve heard as of late have officially scared any and all baby desires away temporarily. I am counting on my pain tolerance of greater than zero to arrive in approx. 2010. I hope it comes on a white horse!

Bike ride #4 is this Sunday…we will be in La Grange for Ashley & Josh’s wedding shower (still lots of weddings left for Seth’s friends from home) this weekend and then the “Tri-County Hill Hopper” starts near there the next day. Lots o’ hills to look forward to. The MS is in less than 50 days now!!

I’ve had a very blah week. Stayed home sick on Monday and still haven’t felt 100% since. I don’t know if it’s the yucky weather or flu going around but I haven’t been up for much of anything.

At least Rodeo time is right around the corner! We’ll be seeing both Alan Jackson and Rascal Flatts this year. We were SUPPOSED to go see RF last year but they all got “sick” and cancelled. So disappointed that our good friend, George will not be making an appearance. We have seen him perform in some form or fashion the past few years and love him!!

That’s it. I apologize for the boring post. See Paula’s blog for a nice prayer to take you into the weekend!

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