Oh the Bunny…


So this year, the Easter Bunny was a little too thoughtful, and left us with a stomach bug.

If you know me well, you know how I feel about these.

The second someone in a 50 mile radius of me starts throwing up, I want to cry, disinfect everything I can see, cry again, and start praying fervently that it is short-lived.  Want me to come over and visit after you puked 3 weeks ago?

Not without my hazmat suit.

SO.  We were all ready for church and Drew had slept in.  I was so super proud that we were going to get to church EARLY (gasp) and knew we’d have plenty of time for pictures. So I went in to get Drew so he could get dressed and found him covered in vomit.  (TMI?  Sorry, this is the story)

Seth quickly changed back out of his nice clothes and Jake and I went to church by ourselves.  This was a small victory for me because I am usually the cleaner-upper in these circumstances.

173The Easter Bunny came while we were at church and Jake was so excited to get home and see what he (she?) had brought.

176 Drew was not very excited.  Poor thing was just pitiful and cried most of the morning.

178 185 He didn’t even want to hunt eggs, and you know how good he is at that!

(Let’s point out the outfit change, people.  It was a disastrous morning.)


Jake made it out pretty well and was thoughtful enough to share some of his loot with brother.


So we spent the rest of the week like this.  Jake got the bug on Tuesday and had to miss school Wednesday and Seth and I maintained a weird, queasy feeling in our stomachs all week.

And I have been spraying Lysol in this house like it’s my job.

Well, actually, I guess it is.

And no, I didn’t get my Easter morning picture.  So we will be “re-doing” Easter this Sunday so we can pretend like the puking never happened.

Except I bet we won’t be early to church!

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