Old McDonald Had a Farm

Well, looks like we have a helper around here! It’s such a relief really. I hate to sweep. Luckily our firstborn is a p-r-o.

Mom, leave me alone. I am busy working!
Sizing up the broom. We now have one a little more true to his size thanks to Toys R Us and some store credit.

Last week we got to visit Old McDonalds farm in Humble with our friend Noah. The boys weren’t quite sure what to think of the place and sure as heck didn’t want to sit still for pictures. Paula was bribing them with Puffs and Noah was not pleased that Jake was getting some of his food!

“Give it back, friend!”

“Who are you looking at??”

Checking out all the animals

Jake was still half asleep from the car ride when we got there. He just stood and stared for the first 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure Paula believed he could really walk – ha!

Where am I??? And why am I wearing this weird skeleton shirt?

Stare down with the cow

I think Jake and Noah will be all about Old McDonalds farm next year when they can run around, play on all the playground equipment, and jump in the hay piles! And I think I need at least a year to prepare myself for the itchy mess involved with said hay pile…

3 thoughts on “Old McDonald Had a Farm

  1. ha- i really didn’t believe that Jake could walk for a while…

    i’m going to start down-playing the hay pile in hopes that noah won’t want to go in it next year :)

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