On the Road Again

My butt is numb.

We are an hour outside of Dallas and I think I forgot what long car rides were like. We had a good Christmas with our families in La Grange and San Antonio and now we’re headed to see both sets of my grandparents for the remainder of the break.

Isn’t it kinda wrong that we have to be back at work on Monday?? I’m sure January will be a whirlwind and 2009 will go by even faster than 2008.

I wish I could actually take a picture of us right now…we are loaded down in the Civic (remember 35mpg, folks)…frankly, I’m surprised we’re not dragging bottom with all the boot in the back. The Anderles are ALL abous luxurious travel accomodations.

I think my back has gone numb now.

It’s kinda funny that I’m blogging since I normally get carsick. What I was thinking when I packed 3 books and 2 magazines, I’m not sure. So we just have to jam to the ipod which jumps from Brad Paisley to Rihanna to Third Day back to Jay-Z. :) Gotta love those high school rap mixes I loaded on it. It’s so refreshing to be singing O Holy Night with Selah and then jump to Big Pimpin’.

How I love road trips.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and got to spend lots of quality time with loved ones.

Oh and you all need to go see Marley and Me – what a great family movie! Why don’t they make more of those? It will make you really appreciate your dogs and thank God that they haven’t really destroyed THAT much stuff. Read the book too while you’re at it.

I miss my dogs.

Ok this is maybe starting to make me carsick now. Stupid bumpty bumps that we (Seth) keeps hitting…

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