Organized Chaos

Ever since I found out we were pregnant, I went into a panic mode of sorts.

Some of you are smiling knowingly and saying “ah nesting!”

I’m not really sure this is nesting. Like I said, I think it’s more of a panic mode. A final countdown of sorts. I have this instinct that I’ll never be able to get anything done again after this kid comes. It’s not unusual to find me running around thinking, “OMG, only 6 months left to get that greenery to cover the lamp cords!”

My list includes anything from the aforementioned greenery…to a new printer (b/c what if Baby A needs to fax or scan something??)…to getting new soap dispensers for our bathroom (that’s what I get for registering for cheap ones at the wedding!)…to finding placemats, armatale serving pieces, curtains, ceiling fans, and more.

(Most of which Seth has veteod. But don’t worry, he doesn’t understand how important serving pieces will be to our son yet.)

A very important thing on the list was my most dreaded.

Organizing old photos.

Something happened around May of 2006 (perhaps a college graduation?) and my natural instinct to organize pictures must have stayed behind in College Station. I had stacks and stacks and envelopes and more stacks of pictures documenting anything from Bachelorette parties to football games. You name it, I have a picture of it.


So while getting things cleaned up for our visitors tomorrow night (more on this later), I decided, what the heck, let’s get those pictures organized! I got a couple photo boxes at Hobby Lobby and went to work. Then, when the entire bedroom floor was covered in pictures, I moved on to Plan B. Which was…try to organize these photos into some sort of timely fashion and just put them in the box.

So I did. I did something so uncharacteristic of me and just started writing labels like “Fall 2004″ or “College – Misc” or “Pre-2006″ or “More Misc, etc”.

And let me tell you folks. It…felt…great!

I realized that 20 years down the road, I wasn’t going to care what month and year I ate at Texas Roadhouse with friends…or which Spring Break that was…I’ll just think “hey, this was in college.” And I’ll be happy with that.

And I am so relieved to have this done!!! I thought the day would never come. And thank GOODNESS we’re entering the digital age where people hardly even print pictures anymore. Thank goodness for digital scrapbooking, photobooks on Shutterfly, and being able to publish your blog even into a handy dandy bound book. I think it saves us all some of our sanity.

In the meantime, we’ll be building our ark here in Spring because the rains are a’comin! The first day of the MS150 was even cancelled because of the weather, which I believe is the first time it’s ever happened. We were getting all sorts of email updates today and then by 4pm they flat out cancelled Saturday’s ride. And let me tell you…if I was actually getting on the bike this year…I’m not even sure I’d get up to start in La Grange on Sunday morning. So I commend all of you who are still planning to ride!

If you want to show any last minute support, check out Erika or Trisha’s blogs to support them in riding for a cure!

All for now.

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