Our Week

I wanted to share a few more pictures before the holidays arrive and I get really behind!

Jake and Drew have played so well together lately.  There is still some fighting but they love to wrestle and “kackle” (tackle) each other.

This is how Drew wanted to wake up Jake from his nap.  Luckily, it was well-received!
Sweet boys
Evidence of why I can’t get anything done when Drew is awake.  I guess he wanted in on the action and decided to do some work the other day.
Every morning the boys run to the oven (they assume I am Martha Stewart everyday).  They can’t stand it if the food isn’t ready so they used special mind-staring tricks to cook the muffins on this particular day.
Jake is turning into quite the little artist.  He loves to draw on paper, his Aquadoodle, Magnadoodle, easel, etc.  He is good at copying something I draw and also likes to do circles (faces) with eyes, noses, mouths, arms, legs, etc.  I was really impressed with how well he was doing and he gets so proud of himself.
Um y’all…this is his elephant.  Which looks like an elephant.  So proud of him!
I went up and helped with Jake’s preschool Thanksgiving “feast” last week.  This was the first day Drew didn’t feel well so luckily Daddy was able to run home and stay with him for a bit.
Jake always sits next to his girlfriend, Regan.  They are so sweet together.  Two little Indians (can I say that?  Native Americans?)

The Teddy Bear class eating their meal.  Most of the kids just wanted their regular lunches and didn’t appreciate the special food.  Ha.  We love his teachers and I definitely appreciate their patience with the class!

Let the blog show, this was also the same day as Jake’s first (second?) visit to the “principals” office at school…agh!  As he so plainly put it, “I didn’t want to listen to my teachers”.

We are so proud.

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