Well we are finally on the up and up around here! I would share some pictures but 1) I don’t have any and 2) We probably weren’t the most photogenic anyway the past few weeks.

But, there is clearly more important business to be discussed right now.

The fact that my child is OWNING me.

As in playing me, faking me out, suckering me into his sneaky sneaky tactics.

He has slept HORRIBLE the past several weeks. As in, waking up all the time during the night, not napping well, and being in a horrible mood because his sleep has been all out of whack. He doesn’t understand that he’d be in a better mood if he slept well…silly boy. I also think this is why it took us so long to start feeling better…neither of us were sleeping which isn’t exactly helpful when you don’t feel good.

So Jake has started this new thing of waking up and making us think he’s suffering through ancient Chinese water torture in his crib. We’ll run in there, pick him up…and nothing. Sometimes he’ll even stop crying and smile.


So after discussing this with friends and doing a little online research, it looks like I have to do a better job of letting him cry it out. This is pretty much where the grandparents think we’re Satan himself, HOWEVER once he learns, he always sleeps better. He already puts himself to sleep which is a major plus. So as I’m listening to him in there right now screaming absolute bloody murder for the past 30 minutes, I know he is being trained at the same time.

…right? :)

I also think we’re starting to have some temper tantrums. If you walk away, take something away, or basically do something that he doesn’t like, he’ll throw back his head and start screaming. He’ll kick his feet and flap his arms around and just wail.


The second you pick him up, he stops crying. I thought for sure it was too early for this, but again, several friends have said their kiddos did the same thing at this age.


I’m already picturing this scene on the floor of Target in another 18 months.

4 thoughts on “Owned

  1. Yeah…we’ve been having sleep issues as well. Not every night, but some. I always go in there to make sure Ezra doesn’t have a dirty diaper (because he does sometimes), and if he doesn’t, I leave the room. Do you have a video monitor? That makes me feel a lot better when he is crying it out, because sometimes he gets his legs stuck between the crib slats (we don’t use a bumper). Just keep repeating to yourself, “It’s just a phase.”

  2. richard is doing a parenting class on wednesday night’s called Dare to Discipline by james dobson. he said that strong willed children take lots of our energy and attention and we can never let up. but the good news is they outgrow it in their early 20′s. haha!

    (and i’m not saying jake is strong willed…all kids test us…but that one little tidbit stuck out from the class and as clark screams for the millionth time today i keep reminding myself i only have about 18 more years-ha!)

  3. You didn’t ask for any advice, but I am going to offer some. Ha! You might consider getting the book “healty sleep habits, happy Child” by Marc Weisbluth…this book changed my life! I still refer to it every once in a while and will start reading it again when Jemma is about 2 months old. In my family we need our rest and this book helped me get it again. Good luck with the crying it out. That is the worst!

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