Pumpkin Patch and Great Grandparents!

We had a busy, but fun weekend! First, the pumpkin patch. Last year, it was near impossible to get a cute picture of Jake with the pumpkins. This year, it was just as impossible! I told Seth that all I ever wanted in the world was a cute picture of the boys smiling in the pumpkins.

All I ever wanted! Is it THAT hard???

Daddy and his boys. In almost all my pictures it’s as if Drew is reaching out and thinking “Oh! A Pumpkin!”

Our best brother picture. I will put my hope in next year!

I think Jake’s class walks around the pumpkin “pun pun” patch at school almost every week so he was quite familiar with the territory.

“Pun Pun!”

Love my boys! They were thrilled to be there…I promise.

There was also a petting zoo and Jake loved to “tickle” the little horses. He would walk up and pet them while saying, “Tickle tickle!” and laugh.

I was also lucky enough to participate in the tractor ride with Jake…
Bringing up the caboose

He wanted to “see” the tractor so bad but wasn’t sure about riding in it. Let me just tell you that this wasn’t made for parents. But I squeezed myself in there so we could have FUN, I tell you.

Jake was also lucky to see not one, but two sets of great grandparents this weekend!! Papa and Nanny stopped by on Friday on their way home from MD Anderson and Meemaw and Peepaw weren’t far behind!

Sorry Meemaw…your only picture with Jake was the back of his head in his diaper! We’ll try harder next time :)

He had so much fun with them and was even really good at saying “Peepaw”. He is still talking about him!

Grandpa also came to visit for the day so Jake had plenty of people to entertain him!

Peepaw loved meeting baby Drew!

And Drew looooved having everyone hold him! I swear, this kid is polar opposite of Jake. Just makes it difficult when he wants to be held 24-7 at home…big brother doesn’t take to that very well!

Papa and Nanny brought us a scarecrow that was just Jake’s size! We go out and look at him everyday.

Nanny and little Drew. They were so happy to see the boys again!

Papa and Drew. He was especially happy after receiving clear scans from MD Anderson! Papa kicked cancer in the behind!

I’ve said it a hundred times but our boys are so very lucky to be surrounded by so much love. I love that Jake is finally remembering and talking about family members, especially since we don’t get to see everyone all the time. But we look at pictures and he can name almost everyone! He even remembers who gave him what for his birthday, which I think is pretty impressive (ok, not every gift but several of them).

We had so much fun seeing everyone this weekend and can’t wait until the next time!

One thought on “Pumpkin Patch and Great Grandparents!

  1. I didn’t realize how interesting pumpkins would be to babies. Drew’s reaction was very simimilar to Elizabeth’s. I love Jakes’ “pun pun” shot!
    How did the horses feel about being tickled?

    they are both so sweet. and so are you and Seth. Keep up the good work!

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