Rachel’s Wedding Shower

Ok so….finally back to the beginning of our weekend! The whole reason we went to SA in the first place was to help throw Rachel & Michael a wedding shower! We got in late Friday night and endured a (basically) sleepless night due to a certain small member of our family which had me questioning why oh why oh why we were having a 2nd child so soon.

Luckily the memories of that experience are almost gone, we are caught up on our rest, and still excited to welcome Drew in June – ha! :)

Rachel and Michael have been together so long that I sometimes forget he’s not technically part of our family yet. But come May 30th, that will all change! Emily, Mom, me, and my Aunt Sally helped kick off things by hosting a shower at my mom’s house.

All our food…have I ever mentioned that I loooove shower food?? You pile your plate with lots of small things and think you are eating so healthy. When in reality, 2 chicken salad sandwiches, a ham & swiss sandwich, loads of fruit, spinach dip, and other carbs are probably worse than my average lunch :)

Emily and Dad

The future Mr. & Mrs. Whitely!

Peepaw, Dad, and Uncle Chris…we should’ve added Jake to this picture to get 3 generations!

Rachel, mom, & Jake. You can see his opinion of wedding showers….

The “Plemons” girls…except after May we’ll all be married off!

We had so much fun and were excited to shower Rachel & Michael with so many things. Now we’re just hoping that Drew can stay put until after the wedding!

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