Rain Rain Go Away


How am I supposed to work when it looks like this outside:

I know, I know. Never mind the 3 large windows. Or my nice spacious office. Or the other part I didn’t even show you which includes pictures, a lucious green plant, and a candy bowl. And yes, that is an Oscar on my windowsill.

What? You don’t have one?

Here’s to pjs, hot chocolate, a good book, and my pumpkin spice candle tonight!

One thought on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. You are lucky to have windows! I have one but most people in my school don’t have any. Ryans mom made me a 5 foot wooden character – outfitted in a homemade super hero costume – which we named Mende Man who watches my kids and reports to me the goings on of the classroom when I am gone. But when its is rainy like today I just want to read books all day with my kids instead of teach or do anything! Hope you are doing swell :)

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