Random Thoughts

1) Why is it I hate to get out of bed every morning…but hate to go to bed every night?

2) If it is in the 40′s outside…shouldn’t I be allowed to wear a turtleneck and drink spice tea?

3) Halloween candy is ridiculously expensive. I settled for the party mix of dots/tootsie rolls/tootsie pops for $5. Have I become the cheap neighbor that the kids are going to avoid?

4) How many more days until I retire?

5) Why oh why won’t my car break down?!

6) I think we should be allowed to wear lounge pants and sweatshirts to work in the winter.

7) What are my chances of still becoming famous?

8) Why do we eat more when its cold outside? Or is it just me?

9) How come candy corn is one of the most disliked candies?? How can you not like the corn and those mellowcreme pumpkins of goodness?

10) Why is it colder in my office than it is outside?

I’m restless today. I know.

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. the pumpkins are my favorite. I actually ate two last night from a bag I have stashed in our pantry. I just don’t understand people who don’t like them. What’s not to like!!

  2. oh you know i love the candy corn pumpkins :)

    as for your choice of halloween candy…on one hand, they should be grateful they are getting anything, however, wouldn’t you be a wee bit disappointed with dots??

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