Today is one of those days where I am just going to talk about things I am thinking. Uh oh, I know, right? Pop some popcorn, get comfy at your computer, and get ready for a looong day of reading. Just kidding :)

1) Sing Song was, as always, an experience. We picked up Rachel & Michael in Aggieland and had a lovely road trip through the middle of nowhere. For those of you who don’t know what Sing Song is…here’s a picture that can’t even begin to describe the activities:

It leaves more to be desired, I know. Emily & Kyle did a great job…we spent a total of approx. 14 hours on the road in 2 days…and we are wiped. We also had a mini-celebrity sighting at church on Sunday. Colt McCoy was in attendance. I know, not that exciting, but it’s not everyday you worship with your rival college football quarterback either. Wasn’t anything extra special about him except for his fancy Nikes and way too fancy Tahoe in the parking lot. Sources have confirmed that he is, indeed, Church of Christ and was probably visiting some hometown friends.

2) Starburst Jellybeans are in the stores. Yea! Finally, it’s time to eat them! (I do realize that you can almost always find them in the stores, but it’s so much easier to spot them near Easter)Seth likes to think I make excuses to eat certain candies because of their associated holidays. But I think most of you know it’s not an excuse…it’s my DUTY. And some of my favorite types of candy actually go right along with our favorite celebrations. Candy Corn, conversation hearts, jelly beans, candy canes (the fruit ones, not peppermint – blech), etc. Especially candy corn. Love it with all my heart. I’ve even been known to purchase it out of season. I also love Take 5 although they don’t have a holiday. But they SHOULD have one. How about…President’s Day. That’s appropriate seeing as today is the grand celebration.

3) President’s Day. My salute to the great presidents of the past. I’m currently not seeing any great presidents for the future. How unfortunate. I will not go any further into the 2008 presidential election because I do not think it’s worth my time. Or anyone elses.

4) Pictures. I realize I need to post more. I used to take millions. For some reason that stopped when I got married. Maybe because I finally realized we had millions of pictures? I’ll work on this.

5) Multiple Sclerosis. I will be riding to Austin in less than 2 months to support this fantastic cause! As of today, I have already raised $835 toward my $1,000 goal!!! Praise God! So far, the National MS Society has raised approx. $3M which is 22% of our $14M goal for 2008. Let’s blow that out of the water this year. Last year this was just a really long bike ride. This year, I am not riding for good ol’ fun on the comfy bike seat. I am riding for the hundreds of thousands of people in our nation affected by MS. I have been blessed by friendships of those that deal with this daily in some form or fashion. So right now, this is my purpose.

6) I feel that I am also being called to a higher purpose. I just don’t know what yet. God has done some incredible things for the Anderle family this past year. We have been blessed beyond belief. A wonderful home, a loving pet, fantastic jobs, and awesome friends and family. An incredible church home, an inspiring Sunday School class, a blessed marriage, a healthier working environment, and a good bill of health. (Maybe this should be a preview of my Thanksgiving 2008 post) I guess I just have to trust that we’ll be led to where we need to be.

7) I will post more recipes soon, I promise.

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