Santa’s Wonderland

This year we continued an annual tradition of taking the kids to Santa’s Wonderland outside of College Station.  We loaded up our car with toys, snacks, and anything else to keep Drew from crying on the long drive!

The boys got to see the lights with some of their good friends and had a blast!

009 They had a fake snow blower at the front and the kids were running around being silly.  Jake didn’t really buy it though because he kept asking why it wasn’t on the ground.  Poor kid needs to see some snow – his Christmas books are a little deceiving with all the winter white!

013 The boys checking out one of Santa’s reindeer019 031 We went on a hayride through the lights…the kids all loved it!  And I have to admit, it’s so much better than driving in your car.

032 Drew was just yelling and pointing the whole time.

049 055 076

Having fun with Bailey on the hayride.

108 And why not go on a train ride too?

116 “Choo Choo”!  Drew looooves trains right now.

129Remember how well our visit with Santa went?  Frosty was just as fun.  He kept poking Drew and he was petrified.

If you’ve never been and are in the area, you should definitely check it out next year!  I love making these memories with our kiddos and we already can’t wait to go back!

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