Everybody keeps telling me that I am on the BRINK of things getting easier with the kids. But it just seems like once we survive one challenge, another one arrives.  The boys are as cute as can be but QUITE demanding.  I mean really.  Don’t they know I have things to do?

I kid.

Actually I don’t.

But just look at those sweet faces…

IMG_7666What was I even saying?

So life.  This year has been a year of finding balance and setting boundaries.  Admittedly I haven’t done a fabulous job of that but I’m trying so I think that deserves 3/5 stars.

I still want to go a do a post on the boy’s 3rd and 5th birthdays because as much as I think I’ll never forget every detail, I am 9 years away from 40 and it’s bound to happen soon.

I’m mostly posting because I was recently told that someone I didn’t know read my blog.  And my first thought was, “What has she been reading??”.  HA.  So I would LOVE for you to comment and let me know you’re still here!!  I love to write and I haven’t done enough of it lately.

But for now let’s talk what we’ve been up to.  I am still teaching accounting at the community college.  #GodblessthefutureofAmerica

I can’t even talk about it.  Y’ALL.  The students of today are lacking something super important called AMBITION.  Or another quality called TURN IN YOUR WORK.

(deep breathing)

On October 1, I also took on a 30 day health challenge (because why not, right?) called Transform30.  My eating/exercise habits were pretty rotten.  I wasn’t taking care of myself and we all felt the strain.  I was tired, grumpy, my stomach always hurt, and had no energy.  So the gist of the challenge was to eliminate dairy and wheat, reduce sugar, caffeine, processed foods, exercise 4+ times a week, and drink 2-3L of water a day along with using the JuicePlus+ complete shakes and trio of capsules.  I also have become more aware of how my choices today will affect my health later in life (#remember9yearsto40) so that’s really why this has become so important to me and my family.

I have been posting healthy recipes we’ve been making on Facebook so now I’ll share them on here too.  I would love to hear any ideas from y’all as well!

On tonight’s menu: Potato Leek Soup

potato soupI survived the 30 days much easier than expected and now am moving forward with making these healthy changes more permanent.

I know what you’re thinking.

Where does Blue Bell ice cream fit into this challenge?



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