Sirens and Lights

Right as I was putting the boys down this afternoon I got a phone call from our old neighbor, Lindsey, saying “get the boys over here now, my friend is bringing her fire truck for the kids to see!” I knew the boys would absolutely love it, so we threw down our books and hopped in the car.

fire truck 7 I love this picture of the boys as the truck is driving up. Luke was over the moon and Jake & Drew were tired and confused.  It’s not like mommy to just back out on naptime like that!

fire truck 3The firefighters were awesome.  They let the boys climb all over the truck.  One of the first things Jake asked was “But do you know Heat Wave?? He is a rescue bot that transforms into a fire truck!”

fire truck 2fire truck 4We miss our old neighbors!  Luckily they only moved 3 minutes away.

fire truck 5Drew was cracking us up.  He just stood in front of the truck closing his eyes doing his “cheese” face.  He took this experience very seriously.

fire truck 6One of the coolest things was that they raised their ladder for the boys.  I have never seen anything like it!  It was huge.  The kids were going nuts and even got to see the lights and sirens.

fire truck 8 fire truckThis was the perfect interruption to our afternoon and Jake is still talking about the fire truck!  Poor kid got strep over the weekend so hasn’t felt well and missed out on school and gymnastics this week.

I think this made up for it!

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