Snuggles and Strawberries

We have had lots of visitors lately and the boys have loved the extra attention.  Nana came to visit, along with my sister and her husband.  We were glad the visit coincided with one of Jake’s soccer games…I’m sure they were all super excited to drive all this way and see Jake sit in my lap the entire time…

006 He actually sat in a lot of laps…

034 Chillin’ with Aunt Rachel

037 Playing robots with Uncle Kyle


Drew was around too, I promise.  We played soccer, went fishing at the creek, and had lots of good family time!

048 We picked strawberries last week with some friends…I just love this picture!

(Kennedy, Lexi, Drew, Macie, and Jake)

These girls are some of the boy’s best buds and I hate that they’re all growing up too fast.  Jake loved picking all the berries and Drew just re-distributed them among everyone’s buckets.

053 058

I just noticed that Jake is holding applesauce while also picking berries.  My kids would seriously rather snack all day than eat a solid meal.  They are eating all day long!

We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend and quality time with Daddy.  Seth has been gone this week for work so we are all ready for him to come home!

And I am ready for a pedicure.

Hint hint, Seth.

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