So Much Blogging…So Little Time

I feel like I have everything and nothing to blog about at the same time.


That pretty much describes this past week.

I don’t necessarily have any profound thoughts about any recent TV shows, seeing as I haven’t gotten home until almost 10pm every night this week and I fall asleep at approximately 10:02pm (don’t worry…all fun, no work).

We did see Wipeout though…such a classic. We were big fans of the “bearded monster” and the pool toy invasion on the DREADMILL. A great show for lots of laughs. If you don’t watch this…well, you’re just plain silly.

And besides random episodes of Jon & Kate, followed by prayer marathons thanking God I don’t have 8 offspring, I have to stay mum on everything else for now. I BETTER have a chance to watch SYTYCD and Project Runway by Sunday. Or else things are really gonna start going downhill.

But on the other hand, Paula and I will be leaving for Dallas on Friday evening to meet up with fellow Chi Chi’s* Dabney and Susan as we celebrate Megan’s wedding and…oh I don’t know…the 12th or 13th year** of our friendship?

*Will introduce the Chi Chi’s in later post
**Proof that you cannot get rid of me

I’m sure it’ll be filled with hair braiding, tye-dying, ghost story telling, Michael Jackson dancing, and Seventeen magazine quizzes! CANNOT wait. We might even be able to re-film our rendition of MJ’s “You Will be There” dance from Free Willy. I don’t know if there’s enough time!

Pictures for sure to recap our shenanigans.

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