Speaking of Baby Books

I just pulled out Jake’s baby book to see exactly how much work I’d have in store for myself.

I saw the blank spot that said “Tiny Footprints”…let out a big sigh…and put the book back up. I didn’t even take my child’s footprints when he was a baby! CPS might as well come take him now.

Do you think 18 month old footprints are just as sweet??

One thought on “Speaking of Baby Books

  1. Take Drew’s baby book to the hospital. They’ll do it for you there if you ask (at least they did for me). And YES, do his 18-month footprints. I have a framed paper on my wall with all 3 girls’ footprints in finger paint. March 4, 2006. So Nina was 2 months, Ava was 3, Livi was 5. I’m tempted to do another one tomorrow. ;)

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