Splotchy Sunburn

It’s hard to imagine that just yesterday Tucker was a normal looking dog. Granted, wearing a shopping bag as a necklace might not mean normal to all of you, but this was a result of one of his many daily trips to the pantry.

He’s like a teenage boy.

If ever we can’t find him, his nose is in the pantry. Luckily he never really gets into anything but he must think it’s the absolute best room in the house. He spends more time in there than anywhere else.
While giving Maggie a haircut yesterday we decided we’d try to pull a fast one on Tucker. We’ve tried before but he gets very angry and snaps at us. Usually we put our lives and scar-free faces above the haircut, but the shedding was getting so bad it was worth a shot. We got about 3/4 of the way through before we felt we had to run for our lives.

The result? A dog that looks like his sunburn is peeling off. Who knew he might be a different color underneath??

Note the difference between his head/neck and rest of his body.

It used to all be the same.

Sadly, we may never get to go back and “touch him up”.

At least he doesn’t spend a lot of time in the mirror…

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