Stranger Danger

What a pretty azalea bloom! That is your first thought, right? Well, I feel it is my responsibility to warn all of you about the resulting danger than can occur if you pet decides to snack on one.

Not that my precious Maggie would EVER get into anything. She totally stays away from bedroom furniture, hardy plank, mulch, fence wood, doghouses, and more.

Common Name: Azalea
Scientific Name: Rhododendron spp
Family: Ericaceae
Toxic Principle: grayantoxin
Clinical signs: vomiting, diarrhea, hypersalivation, weakness, coma, hypotension, CNS depression, cardiovascular collapse and/or death.

I know. What the crap?! I love that everytime we take the dog to the vet, it’s for something slightly serious. Snake bites, poisonous plants, stomach viruses. Good grief, they must think we are crazy people! I do have a quick comment to make though re: animal clinics…

Dear all Vets,

You make a KILLING off your poor clients.

Your sorta friend,


Oh, I digress. So little Maggie had quite the weekend but is finally back to her normal self and eating again. Check out this website to educate yourself about other dangerous plants for your pets.

And now I am sick. No, I was not munching on those yummy azalea blooms, but I do feel like death. Poor Seth. All his girls are getting sick on him. If we weren’t so busy at work, I would be at home…on the couch…sleeping. Sigh.

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