Strawberry Pickin’

This morning we headed to King’s Orchard with our playgroup to pick some fresh strawberries! I wasn’t sure if Jake would enjoy eating them along the way but wore some old clothes just in case. You know, because little boys have a knack for making a mess out of themselves!

Watching our friends pick berries

Took this to put Jake’s size into perspective with the rows and rows of plants! Kid was on a mission!
Jake enjoyed his fair share of strawberries. Stems and all. Once he realized there were unlimited snacks at his disposal he went to TOWN.

It took a few tries to teach him that Mama had to wash off the berries first before he could eat them, but he quickly got the hang of it.

Loading up our box
…getting heavier
Chatting with his friend Michael about the weather.

We had so much fun and are enjoying the 4 lbs of strawberries we picked! They are so fresh and I wish we could always get our fruits and veggies like this. But I have a feeling I’d be very sore :)

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