Well it’s nearly the end of January and I never posted my 2nd scripture memory verse of the year. So…better late than never…

I love those who love me.  And those who seek me find me

Proverbs 18:7

Typed by memory.  Bam.

(I’m confident my confidence will start waning come mid-March)

January has been so nice because we haven’t needed to travel anywhere, but we’ve still had a lot going on.  What happened to January being a down month??  Seth has been gone the last two weekends enjoying some much needed guy time and the kids and I have had fun in the meantime with birthday parties, play dates, and spending lots of time outside.

Jake loves riding his new bike and now he has been riding it around our section of the neighborhood and to the park.  You’ve probably never seen a kid fall off a bike so many times with training wheels but he also doesn’t pay attention to where he’s going.  So I’m constantly saying, “Look in front of you!!  Look in front of you!  Jake, PAY ATTENTION!”

Hmm…I have no idea where he gets that from.

Although the weather has been nice, I am not a fan of 80 degree weather in January.  It gives me a heart attack to think of how hot that means June and July will be.  So bring on the cold fronts!

phone19The boys have been so sweet to each other (mostly) and Drew now wants Jake to hold his hand whenever we go somewhere.  Jake has been a great big brother and takes his job seriously.  Drew is getting bigger faster than I want him to, and while he is a handful, he is just the sweetest kid.

And speaking of heart attacks, next week Drew will be the age Jake was when Drew was born.  Let’s let that sink in a little.  I am thanking my lucky stars that I am not about to have another one right now!

Or pregnant.

Or even thinking about becoming pregnant.

(Just for the record)


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