Success and an Overdue Ode

Taxes filed. Taxes paid. I can go to bed tomorrow night!

Is it bad that sleep was my overall motivating factor?

I did tell my doctor the other day that I was generally a bump on a log. He informed me that no, I was an INCUBATOR! That will be my excuse from now on. When Seth asks why I can’t get off the couch, I will simply respond, “Shhh!!! I’m incubating!!!”

I really had to write this because someone is far overdue on their ode. As you may remember, I came up with a fun idea to write weekly odes to friends and family awhile back. As you may also remember, I quit after about 3 weeks because really, it took a lot of energy.

Or I just forgot.

BUT, today I really have to give Garrett a big shout out! He was horrified when he saw the pictures we posted of Tucker’s haircut earlier this week. Being the in-home dog groomer he is, he demanded we come over so he could tame that lion’s mane. And tame he did!

Of course Tucker loved it.

What the heck?! He tried to bite our heads off when the clippers were around and he was practically in heaven when Garrett trimmed him up. Whatever. Kids always like other people better than their own family anyway I guess? :)

He also helped us paint our kitchen back in August. His wife, Kim received an ode and I thought that was sufficient. You know, community property. But I’ve never heard the end of it.

So here we go. An ode to GARRETT. And only Garrett.

(sorry you have to share your picture with Kim)

Garrett Erbele, you’re a master of all trades,

You work all day and never play.

Actually, that’s a lie because you love your Nintendo,

But at least you didn’t drip any paint on my window.

(when you were painting)

Tucker is so happy about his new ‘do,

We appreciate your help and definitely won’t sue.

We will keep you in mind for future endeavors,

As long as you don’t turn us down…ever.

Thanks for your help, just down the road,

I hope you’re happy about your ode!

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