That’s what we are. Big time suckers. I’m a sucker for clever marketing schemes. Seth can’t resist “as seen on TV” products. Those of you who’ve been around for a few years know about the pride Seth takes in our knife set.

It’s not just any ol’ knife set, folks. It’s the RONCO Six Star 20-piece knife and block set.
“…and don’t let the low price fool you – Ronco Six Star knives won’t perform like a discount kitchen knife. These sharp stainless steel knives can tackle anything from carving to chopping to paring… and so much more”

According to the infomercial, they also cut everything from concrete blocks to soda cans, and they can still slice cleanly through a tomato.

AMAZING. Why wouldn’t he have bought them, right?

He also fell for Mighty Putty – “great for anything from your smallest craft projects to your largest home improvements! The easy way to fix, fill and seal almost any surface, and make it last.”



If we had ordered NOW (then), Mr. Infomercial would throw in THREE FREE TUBES of the powerful bonding epoxy stick for NO EXTRA COST!

Do we get sweet deals or what?

Don’t even get me started on the swivel sweeper, mop h20 (this one’s in the works), “best of the 80′s” or any other crap…I mean lovely item he’s found on the tube.

Now I, on the other hand, am not completely blameless, as I have a hard time restraining from “new” products. And unfortuantely, it doesn’t really matter what it is. If there’s a commercial for an all-new ice cream snack…don’t worry, I’m on it. For example:

YUM! Why didn’t they think of this sooner?? (p.s. check out Blue Bell’s website for all their new products on the market…they have some delicious sounding ice cream flavors in the works)

This is the reason I was given a budget for the grocery store. Most girls get a budget for their “personal shopping needs”. Like the mall. Or the salon. Unfortunately, I have completely blown it and my husband is on to me. I’ve now been instructed to “make a list” and STICK TO IT. I “cannot” buy anything that’s not on the grocery list, no matter how tasty, how urgent, or how necessary.

But ladies, good thing we can find a loophole in every poorly formed, not well-thought-out-enough agreement (especially ones that involve shopping). You should SEE how long my grocery lists are now!! :)
Here is another example of a grocery must-have that I’ve already mentioned several times. Filling? No. Satisfying enough as a morning snack? Not really. But they are so wonderful. Honey Butter is by far the best…but the only other one I’ve tried is pizza (which tastes like pizza goldfish). 80 calories of pure goodness.

Ok, well I’ve already had lunch but now I’m officially hungry again. Perhaps I should look into any recent job openings at HEB…..

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