Summer Lovin’

Ok, I realize it’s not QUITE summer yet, but this weather is definitely putting me in the mood. Last year I hardly saw the light of day during the summer months (I’ll pin that on someone whose name rhymes with…KPMG), but this year I am DETERMINED to get ample pool time, read lots of good books, and spend more time outside. So I’ve decided to create my top ten list of Summer Fun to get us in the mood…

1) Guilt-free eating of ice cream and pop-ice!
2) Nicely tanned bodies
3) Natural highlights
4) Rest & relaxation!
5) Daylight until 8pm
6) Summer songs on the radio (I realize this sounds dumb…but Kenny Cheney with “Summertime” or Sublime “Summertime…and the livin’s easy…” really lift my spirits!!)
7) Did I mention nicely tanned bodies?
8) No excuses NOT to run to Sonic to get that Strawberry Limeade
9) People are always in better moods…i.e. HEB checkers, waiters, store personnel, etc

and of course…do I even HAVE to tell you number 10????


Ah! I saw a preview this week and am so excited! May 22nd people! This show makes me truly BELIEVE I can be a dancer if I put my mind to it. Never mind that lack of hand-eye coordination! As most of you know, I was privileged to attend the SYTYCD tour last year at Reliant with Andrea, Jessie, & Jessie’s friend. It was GLORIOUS! There was smoke, lights, our favorite dances! Best $65 I’ve EVER spent.

Hm…I just used a LOT of caps. So I guess you know how pumped I really am!!!

We’re headed to Brenham in a short while for Ashley & Josh’s wedding. Seth is the best man (aww) so we have collaborated on a fantastic speech for him. I offered to write a poem but apparently that was not manly enough. Oh well. Trust me….lots of pictures on Monday!

Oh, and a shout out to the Bayles’ for keeping little Maggie. She can’t wait to play with Dixie all weekend! And she promises to be on her best behavior…

2 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. I am so excited about SYTYCD too! We will have to watch it together sometime. Kyle swears he isn’t going to watch it with me, kind of like he wasn’t going to watch American Idol :) (but I know he will…he will just try to pretend he’s playing on the computer, but he will be peeking). Have fun at the wedding!

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