Summertime…and the Living’s Easy…

How terribly rude of me to tease you with a crawling video and then leave you hanging for a week!

As you can imagine, Jake has quickly picked up the pace. If you’re familiar with our house, he can crawl almost from the living room to the kitchen now. The kiddo is determined! I decided to show him my tupperware cabinet and as expected, it was a hit! I think we’re in for a lot of trouble excitement in the months to come. I’ll try to take another video soon.

But back to what’s been going on…

Last weekend we headed up to Lake Conroe with some of our good friends to work on our tans. (Well, that was my plan anyway) We had such a fun time and can’t wait to go back!! Thanks to Garrett & Kim for having us…I guess we can do it again if we haaaave to.

Love this family picture! Jake experienced his first boat ride and on a scale of 1 – lover of the open waters, he thought it was about a 3. If the boat was moving he was fine…but when it stopped, not so much.

We went on our ride around naptime and we were hoping he would fall asleep. Seeing as he does not fall asleep anywhere but his crib usually, I didn’t have high hopes. Of course he finally closed his eyes as we were pulling back up to the house. But as soon as the boat stopped – bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Doesn’t this look soooo comfortable?

Poor boy!

Letting our hair blow in the wind…man, I’m glad the adults don’t have to wear lifejackets on the boat! I think he was burning up in all that padding!

Jake & Lexi playing…we usually clothe them.
I would love to use this picture as blackmail someday!
Gosh, I look good after 2 days of no makeup!
Silly boy

Love this picture! Love my boys!
Kim and her two 1 YEAR OLDS! Can you believe it?? These two are growing up too fast.

Cheering on Macie…but she still wouldn’t jump in the pool :)

Sheila & Beckett enjoying the water

Georgia loving on Lexi – who seems thrilled!

Sweet Beckett loved giving hugs!

Ah, I love summertime, minus the heat of course. We managed to make it home without sunburns and that in itself is a victory here in Texas! If only summer stayed at around 65-70 degrees, I’d be in heaven!

I do promise to be better with blogging this week. I just think I underestimated how much outside time this teaching gig would require and I’ve been a little preoccupied…please forgive!

We also had a doctor’s appointment last week after Jake had been tugging at his ear. As we suspected, he had an infection in both of them. :( He’s been a great sport and you really wouldn’t know anything was wrong besides the occasional pitiful look and being a bit more clingy.

(He gets that pitiful look from me by the way)

And for some reason, Jake gets Seth’s pity. I do not. Jake, teach me your ways!!

He also weighed in at 15 lbs 15 oz at the doctor’s office. Also known as the same size as many 3 and 4 month olds!!! This is most likely attributed to him having not much interest in food and having much more interest in moving moving moving! What he doesn’t have in size, he makes up for in brains of course. You should hear the kid recite his multiplication tables!!

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