Ta Da!

Well, after two weekends of hard work, let me present…
…our new bedroom!

Does this look like new furniture or what?? It actually wasn’t as hard to paint as we thought. Just the sanding was a PAIN. But this went from light oak and dog chewed to black and beautiful! Maggie had actually chewed off the 4 corners of one of the drawers…nothing a little wood filler couldn’t fix though!

Thank you Tristan for giving us (basically) all these beautiful things! I love being in our bedroom now!

Let me just tell you about this red wall. It took me 3 coats of paint and might could go for some more. But I called it quits after we finished a GALLON. Thanks to Jessie for helping me with the first coat!

Ah…bliss! I still have something to hang over the bed but haven’t got around to it yet.

Thank you Seth for working so hard on the furniture to make it perfect! I love you and love our new room! Merry Christmas to ME!

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