Tailgating with the Ags

Ooooooh, it’s been a long week. This night school thing isn’t for babies. Seth and I have had to adjust our dinner schedule (nobody messes with me and my food!!) and usually sit down to eat around 9pm. Right when all of you are going to bed.

It’s lovely.

Anyway, I have pictures to share!

Jake and his daddy got to match last Sunday morning at church…

Precious boys!

Jake got to enjoy his first Aggie tailgate last weekend! Seth had been in College Station for the week on a work trip (which, by the way, BOO TO WORK TRIPS) so we decided to meet him up there and root on the Ags.

Hanging out with Nonnie & Popo

Poor guy has had his sleep schedule all messed up lately (Jake, not Seth) and was tailgating during his afternoon nap. He did great considering, but every once in awhile would just lay his head down on someone’s shoulders with a pitiful look…or just break down and cry. Ooh sweet boy!

Cuddling with Daddy

See? Pitiful :)

But don’t worry, he found entertainment in other ways…

We looked all over town for an Aggie hat that would fit Jake’s large head brains! We finally had success at one of the tent sales after a grueling search…and of course he wore it for exactly 0.2 seconds. Kids, gotta love ‘em.

Good thing there was a TV to catch the big games!

Aggie in training

Ok wow. Apparently I was taking a lot of the pictures. How many times do you want to see Seth & Jake? 50? Ok, good.
(Note to Seth: Take some pictures of your son with his mommy!)

Aunt Rachel was also nice enough to let us stay at her house on Friday night when we got into town. She had plenty of fun “toys” for Jake…like her coasters, DVDs, books…

I just noticed the jumper cables in the background…us Anderles are all about safety!

And just in case you wanted photographic evidence of how tough we have it over here:

It’s a rough life.

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