Talking, Climbing, and More

I would post but I’ve been too busy trying to keep up with Mr. Mischief over here. SOMEONE has learned how to sit and stand in their crib and finds it more interesting to peer over the side than to sleep.

Seth has a mattress moving project this weekend!

Jake also started saying “Da”! He is whispering it for some reason (maybe he wants to get it just perfect before he turns up the volume) and it’s so cute. Everything right now is either “Da” or “Gee”. I can’t wait until he actually knows what these words mean and can communicate with us! Because this communicating by screaming is not really working out for me.

The little guy is going to be EIGHT MONTHS OLD next week. Unreal. He’s almost been out of my tummy as long as he was in it!

Pictures soon…

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