Taxes our Taxes

Something about preparing a tax return has always been exciting to me. Maybe it was filling in all the blanks (I’m easily entertained by that kinda thing)…maybe it was the feeling of success when I finished…maybe it was that nice check back from the government…

…or maybe it’s just that I’m a nerdy tax accountant.

Could go either way.

Needless to say, I used to get so excited once all the tax documents started filtering through the mail. The first year we were married, I think I had our return filed by February 2nd. The year before that, it was in January.

Last year I was so anxious to finish up and file that I almost missed that small print on page 2 that was on the “You OWE” line.

Suddenly filing a tax return wasn’t quite as fun.

I mean really, who has time for this stuff? I do taxes all day at work…why would I want to do them at home? And maybe if I put it off a few more weeks I’ll brainstorm more deductions! I’ll find social security numbers for the dogs! We’ll come into lots of cash to pay the tax bill!


Fast forward to 2009. Same song, different verse.

I told Seth that nobody is allowed to go to bed on Sunday until this return is completed and filed! It’s been on my to-do list one week too long.

On a more positive note, I was actually able to ENJOY some strawberry ice cream tonight!!!! After having to ditch the turtle ice cream we already had, and having to pawn off my thin mint ice cream after gagging through a few scoops (was it b/c I bought Dreyer’s instead of Blue Bell? Or simply my picky pregnancy taste buds? The world may never know) I think I’ve finally found something that will work. I am all about fruity things right now. Popsicles, fruit yogurt, lemon cake (maybe I’ve made it twice in one week…whatever), OJ, etc etc etc

And on a completely different note, I am being lectured by my husband right now on how much time I spend blogging. He is telling me that in all the time I waste on I could’ve already had my book written.

Look, I need time people.

I have one, solid page that is a fantastic start and may or may not be a fictional biography of sorts. It’s not like it has to do with a girl tired of sitting at a computer all day or anything.

If only I could get an advance from a publishing company…and a promise to publish it…and then I could really get started! Right now there are just too many books to read…

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